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Situational or SWOT analysis of PROTON

Situational or SWOT analysis of PROTON


The strength of PROTON is its competitively priced products. PROTON companies offered the cars which is available for the lower income people such as Viva. The price of the product is related goods produced and average income of the people in the countries.
Malaysian government support the industry onwards with the vast of nationwide distribution network. PROTON companies had good corporate governance and greatly regarded by many Malaysians as the national car maker. PROTON also had the great performances in management. PROTON had achieved RM100 million in annual sales and it awarded the Quality Management Excellence Award (QMEA).
Ties with other ASEAN markets
Distribution channel
Flexible manufacturing capability and consolidate all models. 
PROTON reputation is poor of the product performance and functionality. Well, due to short history in car making PROTON come out with low quality products. This could cost PROTON over time and it might jeopardize PROTON reputation. The products quality always needs to be monitored and assured before it sell to the customers. Other than that, the operational cost and raw material cost such as steel become the most vulnerable to increase the cost.
Beyond that, most of the peoples require for the power window function which are not provides by PROTON to the several cars.
PROTON has failed to cooperate with the foreign partner which is no longer a competitive and economically viable entity with current market situation.
The national industry is in decline/decrease
Affected brand image
Inability to introduce new models

During the economic downturn, the demand of PROTON cars in any segment had always the opportunities for PROTON to be a global player. Through research and development (R&D), there is more innovative products could be invented to ensure PROTON as a brand name remains in the industry and also the collaborations within industry players. This can advanced the technologic new target market or new distribution places. Therefore, PROTON can make the appointment of distributor in different country to increase the sales and reputation.

One of the threats of course is from the competitors. Competitors aggressively managing cost reduction & future innovation on hybrid technologic. One of the competitors is Perodua as the Malaysian second national car maker. It had been set up after PROTON started to challenge PROTON’s market share in Malaysia. Perodua has did better in recent years and outperformed PROTON via their most well selling performances such as MyVi grab more than 30% of overall market share. Under policy like AFTA, (ASEAN Free Trade Area) the consumers have more choices from Honda, Toyota, Chevrolet and other brands to be selected at a more affordable prices, as Malaysia now has cut duties on imports from other Southeast Asian countries to less than five percent. During the economic downturn or inflation, the number of sales will decrease and it will causes the companies face with financial problems and manufactory.

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Health Of Mouth

Do you know bacteria are building up in your mouth right now? If this bacteria build up is not taken care of it can lead to many common oral health problems.

Tooth decay can start when you eat sugary or starchy foods. Bacteria act on these foods producing harmful acids that can lead to cavities.
Gum Problems
If you experience gum discomfort when you brush, you may suffer from gum problems that may be caused by bacteria build up.
Sensitive Teeth
Bacteria build up can cause many oral health problems that may eventually lead to sensitive teeth.
Bacteria build up along the gum line can harden and lead to tartar. Once tartar has formed, only your dentist or hygienist can remove it.
Bad Breath
When food stays in your mouth, in-between teeth, on the tongue and around the gums, it can breed bacteria, which can cause bad breath.

Colgate Total is clinically proven to fight bacteria build up in your mouth for full 12 hours.
It also helps reduce:
·         Plaque up to 98%
·         Gum problems up to 88%
·         Tartar up to 55%
·         Bad breath up to 52%
Colgate Total is endorsed by 33 Dental Associations around the world.

Colgate Total provides superior oral health protection* with a range of products to suit to you needs.

Information Technology Final Examination Concept Map

Information Technology Final Examination Concept Map

Open Source


Open source  is usually used in a software format, which programmer released its source code and published and made it available to the public, modify and redistribute the open source code without paying the any costs(free of charges). 
Open source was evolved through community cooperation. Communities cooperation is composed individual software /hardware developers, that is not only for large companies.
  1. Software which programmer can download or get free resource of modification with suggested improvements from the internet.
  2. The only qualification is charges can’t be copyrighted.
Why is it so popular?
a)      Not closed software.
b)      Programmer can make improvements in better quality for results.
In philosophy, open source provides free redistribution and access end product's designation with implementation details. Since the open source is not fully developed in widely, producers used open source to gained hold the rise of Internet and it is needed for massive retooling computing of the source code. The open-source software was born to describe the environment that the licenses, copyrighted, domains, and customer issues created.
The open-source model is concentrated on the development models such as those unique features used in commercial or mercantile software companies. The main purpose of the software company is peer production by bartering and collaboration, with documentation available at no cost charges to the public. This model is also can be used to developed open source appropriate technology, such as solar photovoltaic technology, open source drug discovery and etc.

History of FREE Open-Source Software

The concept of free sharing open source technology had been existed long time ago before exist of computers. Cooking recipes is the best example had been shared since began of human culture. In the early days of the free sharing of source code include IBM's (International Business Machines) source releases of its operating systems and other programs in the 1950s and 1960s, and this source code could be shared among the user base. To stop their source from sharing, they used the payment method which could spread over the lifetime of the product ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) and retained ownership with resale or reuse of the products.

In the 1980s, BBS (Bulletin board system) networks are enabled software source code. The software which written in BASIC with other interpreted languages is no separated portable executes binary to distribute as source code.
BBS systems is used for modification and networking to gathered the source code from internet. WWIV (World War Four) is developed by Wayne Bell to discuss the culture of "modding" for this software and distributing the mod, this will grew up extensively. Beyond that, this may contributed to dominant system and network, for all this had being shared by other BBS makers.
Since the begging of Internet, sharing of source code is not widely developed, Internet distributed via UUCP (Unix-to-Unix Copy), Usenet, and gopher. Linux was the first widely distributed by posts to comp.os.linux on the Usenet, which is discussed by the development. Otherwise, Linux had become the prototype to organize the software development within accommodate sharing of the source code.
A strategy session for free software movement announcement of source code release for Navigator  held at California, Palo Alto, in reaction to Netscape's January 1998. For those people who adopted the term used the opportunity before the release of Navigator's source code to free themselves of the ideological and confrontational connotations of the term "free software". Netscape released its source code under the Netscape Public License and later under the Mozilla Public License.  
During the early 2000s, a huge number of companies began to publish their source code, while keeping key parts closed. Free open source software used widely in developing within which led to the development, commercial open source software that is to distinguish between truly open and hybrid forms of open source.

The growth of the open source is affected a lot of studies field and social and political views. Linus Torvalds has said that “open source is everything in future.”For example CAMBIA (Centre for the Application of Molecular Biology to International Agriculture), which has inspired increased the transparency and liberty of biotechnology research in open source movement. The difference between crowd sourcing and open-source production is a voluntarily undertaken by members and cooperative activity initiated.
Computer software 
 Blender is an open source 3D graphics editor.

Mobile software

Android is the most popular mobile operating system.
Application software use for office suite
7-Zip is a file achiever
Mozilla Firefox as a web browser
Safari as a web browser
Chromium as a web browser
GIMP is use for graphics editor
Blender  is use for 3D graphics editor
Eclipse is the development environment comprising an IDE
Mozilla Thunderbird for e-mail client
NASA World Wind is a virtual globe, geobrowser
PrestaShop is an electronic commerce platform
ADempiere is a open source software platform for business

Operating systems
OpenIndiana is a free Unix-like operating system.
FreeBSD is the operating system derived from Unix.
Android is an operating system derived from Linux.
Linux is a family of Unix-like operating systems.
ReactOS is operating system built on Windows NT architecture.
Haiku is a free open source operating system compatible with BeOS.
Programming languages
PHP is scripting language suited for the web.
Ruby is the general purpose programming language.
Python is the general purpose programming language.
Perl is a general purpose programming language.
PHDL is the hardware of description language used for PC Board Design.

The advantages of open sources:
No need pay any cost for licensing “open source” solutions and it is flexibility for adapting the software for health care solutions. The improvement of continuing software is available through the open source community. “Mission” rather than “market” objectives focused on patient-centered and the population-based health improvement. It is able to incorporate tools for personal health such as personal health records. The pre-existing tools make it easier to build generic rather than custom interfaces. There are many pre-existing tools already be developed such as interface and   reporting. The greater opportunity is allowed by open architecture for health information exchange. The source code is available to users and they have the rights to modify them. The will allow improvements to the software without having to invest large sum of money in research and development. The modified and improved source codes can be freely redistributed. The open source software is created according to industry demands but allows for upgrades to take place freely when the need arises. Therefore, it bugs in the codes are found, they can be fixed by anyone interested and capable. Fixes and patches to rectify the bugs are rapidly developed. The software can be used in anyway and for any legal purposes. There is no restriction in a unilateral way on now the software could be used.

The disadvantage of open sources:
There were no single source to support the aspects of the application; multiple sources of technical and clinical support may be needed. It is hard to engage the support of vendors in supporting the application; frequently they have retired or left the agency. It must understood business logic to modify configuration or make code adjustments on unique work flow and clinical require. It is difficult for smaller organizations to afford resources individually. The information overload and alert fatigue must be guarded. Have to adapt and develop training materials appropriate frequently for the particular application of the open source solution. The codes are too complicated for novice users to understand. The sophisticated professional guidance may require on licensing issues and the preparation of contracts. There is no particular official monitoring the works of a programmer improving the codes. This is because anyone is free to use, modify or even distribute the codes. Open source usually comes without warranty and after sales support should the software fail or malfunction. This is because the software usually distributed free of charge or sold for very minimal fees.

Tux the penguin, mascot of Linux

Linux is the popular multi-tasking unit type operating system. Some versions of Linux are command line. Others are GUI. Two most popular of GUI are available for GNOME and KDE.
Users can obtain Linux on a variety of ways. Some download for free from the website. Other purchases it from vendors.

Syllable is a free and open source operating system for the home and small officer user to create an easy-to-use desktop.
It’s characterized by:
Native 64-bit journal file system, the AtheOS File System, C++ oriented API, GNU tool chain, such as GCC, Glibc, Binutils, Make, Many software ports, such as Emacs, Pre-emptive multitasking with multithreading
Symmetric multiprocessing support, POSIX compliance is 99%, Device drivers for most common hardware, such as video, sound, network chips, File system drivers for FAT(read/write) , NTFS(read) and ext2(read), Vim, Perl, Python, Apache etc.

Haiku goal is to provide all levels users with an individual computing experience that is powerful and invalid unnecessary complexities. It is also known as OpenBeOs. Based computers, an open source project devote to the recreation and continuation of the Be Operating System on x86 and PowerPC.


Window  XP
( Proprietary software )

( Open source software )

Mac OS X
( Proprietary software )

      Run on a wide range of hardware.
      Have largest market share.
      Has many built in utilities.

      Runs on a wide range of hardware.
      Has largest no. of user interface type.
      Can be used as server or desktop PC OS.

      Easy to install.
      Best graphical User Interface ( GUI )
      Secure and stable.

      Security problem.
      Not efficient as a server OS.
      Have to reboot every time a network configuration is changed.

      Limited support for game.
      Limited commercial applications available.
      Can be difficult to learn.

      Support only apple computers.
      Base hardware more expensive than others platform.
      Fewer games then Windows.
      Many applications still being updated to new with OSX.

Recently organizations have been paying attention to open source. Several year ago there are real danger Microsoft would cover its monopoly to servers. According to recent survey found 52%of corporations are replacing Windows with Linux servers.
In my opinion, the main thing I have to learn from open source is not just Linux, Google Chrome, Firefox, but of the forces that produced them to business. Eventually these will affect much more than what software we use.
Open source is the application as freeware for people do themselves and they can enjoy it. Companies ensure quality of open source through rules to prevent employees from screwing up. Another thing blogging and open source have in public is the Web. People have always been willing to do great work for free, but before the Web it was harder to reach an audience on projects.
Moreover, open source software can provide that they are regularly made by people working at home. Companies spend a millions to build their office for a single resolution, which is to be a place to work. But for people who working in their own homes aren’t even designed to be workplace, end up being more productive. This proves that the average office is a miserable place to finish their work. The factor makes office bad are the qualities we associate with professionalism. The sterility of office is theoretical to run efficiency. But the suggesting efficiency is a different thing from actual being efficient.
In addition, the third message we can learn from open source is that concepts can bubble up from the bottom, instead of flowing down from the top. Open source work bottom-up, means people make what they need, and the best stuff prevails. There are two forces that together steer design which is ideas of what to do next, and the enforcement of quality. Open source illustrate the things that don't have to work that way. Ideas and even the enforcement of quality can flow bottom-up. In this case the results are not merely acceptable, but better. For instance, open source software is more reliable precisely because it's open source, anyone can find mistakes and solve the particular problem by their own.

            In my conclusion, open source software became more and more significant force in computing environment. Open source are easy to operate, installation aids and increased range of different applicants. Open source programs can provide real competition to proprietary alternatives.
Open source is generally suitable for deployment in public administration. Linux is becoming increasingly popular as the operating system for server. Linux convert very little penetration into the largest market for computer software. Most of the home users who still do not necessity understand what computer or programming. Open source despite the price tag and increasing availability at features, support, and hardware compatibility. Programmer take up open source program is for the intellectual challenge of solving new and interesting problem.
Open source now influence the by business in the movement’s character and forward progress. The business interest will inertia by detract from the original ideals of the open source movement and monetary interest will be placed ahead at the free software ideology. To support open source software, companies will tries to make money. Then, the software will remain unstable and complex, to create demand for their services. Influx money into spending money and hire a programmers to work on open sources projects. To earn profit, a part of open source movement must to stay as the economy of modern open source companies will eventually influence the movement.